Trades For Good has a approach to packaging products aimed at reducing the amount of plastic waste from our Home.

Trades For Good was created by three friends and entrepreneurs with a simple philosophy –

“some of the world’s biggest problems could be solved by a series of small trades for good”.

Our first target was bathroom plastic, which has one of the lowest rates of recycling in the US (less than 20%) resulting in millions of tonnes of waste ending up in landfills and oceans every year. Today industry solutions
revolve around recycled plastic, which is still just likely to end up in the trash, and refill pouches, which are 
both non-recyclable and inconvenient for the consumer.
We recycle less than one in five plastic bottles from our bathrooms, so why use plastic at all.

Trades For Good hand soap presents a vision for alternative recyclable packaging thats free of plastic, and doesn’t sacrifice on quality or convenience.

A natural hand soap

Castile soap fragranced with pure essential oils.

A castile soap made with organic ingredients and free from artificial fragrances and preservatives.

Made with anti- microbial coconut water, moisturizing sunflower oil, and antioxidant rich sea kelp extract – ingredients designed to be kind to both your skin and to our planet. Then fragranced with a range of three complex blends of
all natural essential oils inspired by some of the most pristine places on earth.

Packaged for good

Sealed in the most recycled packaging in the world.

Filled by hand in California into the beautifully humble aluminum can. It’s not the most obvious packaging choice, but it was the right choice. Almost 70% of all aluminum cans produced are recycled, many of which are returned to the shelf in less than two months. While the can itself protects from light, air and contamination, delivering a fresher soap without the need for chemicals or artificial preservatives.

And built for beautiful convenience

No messy refills. No wasteful pouches.

We believe that sustainability should not compromise on desirability. The sleek, minimalist design of For Good will clean up any bathroom. The Trades For Good simple reuse system with our custom reusable cap puts an end to messy refills. When the soap is empty, simply clip off the can, throw it in recycling, and clip in a new one.

What we are made of

Clue, it’s all good things.

Organic Ingredients. 100% recyclatural essential oils. 1% annual sales to support
organizations that keep our wild places pristine. Fuelled by passion of three entrepreneurs doing something we believe in.

What we’re not made of

Artificial Preservatives. Parabens. Animal products. Petroleum. Corporate interests.