the problem and

the for good solution

Every year billions of plastic bottles fill our bathrooms, but only one in five are recycled (one of the lowest rates of recycling in the US). The rest end up in landfills and oceans.
That creates a big mess – so what better way to start cleaning it up than with a great soap. Trades For Good was created according to four simple principles – the best natural hand soap, packaged for good, designed for beautiful convenience, and delivered at an affordable price.

Organic ingredients

fragranced with 100% essential oils

An organic castile soap free from artificial fragrances and preservatives, with an ingredient list that reads like
a farm not a factory.

Made with anti-microbial coconut water, moisturizing sunflower oil, and antioxidant rich sea kelp extract – ingredients designed to be kind to both your skin and to our planet.

Then fragranced with a range of three distinct blends of all natural essential oils inspired by some of the most beautiful and pristine places on earth.

No messy refills. No wasteful pouches.

Built for beautiful convenience

We believe that sustainability shouldn’t compromise on desirability or convenience. The sleek, minimalist design of Trades For Good will clean up any bathroom, and our custom
reusable cap puts an end to messy refills. Unlike traditional refill pouches, our replacement cans are 100% recyclable and don’t need any refilling, just clip in and go. 


Three complex fragrances inspired by the wild outposts of the world.

Fragranced exclusively  with essential oils

hand soap fragranced with

Peppermint · Patchouli · Rosemary

A blend of peppermint, patchouli, and rosemary essential oils giving a fresh, botanical fragrance with a warm spice.
Inspired by the sub-tropical island chain known as the Ryukyu Kingdom.

A land of abundance where over two
thousand species of plants flourish and residents that live longer than anywhere else on earth.

Perhaps best known for it’s fairy-tale forests where giant banyan and thousand-year-old cryptomeria trees stand shrouded in an eternal mist as they reach of the sky; while
the forest floor is blanketed by an endless sponge of ancient moss.

This dense eternal vegetation punctuated with annual typhoons is what gives Ryukyu its distinct fresh, botanical aroma.

hand soap fragranced with

Basil · Cedarwood · Lavender

A blend of basil, cedarwood and lavender essential oils giving a warm, woody and organic fragrance.

Inspired by a small island outpost in the pacific north west, known for its rugged beauty.

A place where the pounding waves of the north pacific have carved a prehistoric coastline and whipped up persistent mists that have nourished evergreen forests for millennia.

It’s inside the rocky headlands, and beyond the infinite sea spray, that a rich aroma exists in the trees, emanating from ancient salty drift wood slowly decomposes to nourish the dense vegetation of the forest floor.

hand soap fragranced with

Clary Sage · Cardamon · Sweet Orange

A blend of clary sage, cardamom and sweet orange oils with a bright, floral and subtly sweet fragrance inspired by the coastal hillsides of Calabria.

An unapologetically chaotic region of Southern Italy known as the land of the citrus fruit.
A region sparsely populated by siesta loving people clustered in villages that cling to
rocky outcrops.

Sun baked slopes dotted with sinewy  orange, lemon and bergamot trees roll to the Tyrrhenian coastline where they are met by dramatic cliffs tumbling down to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world.




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